Turbo Power Scrubber - Make Cleaning Easy!

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Imagine sitting in your toilet and everything is so satisfyingly clean.

With the turbo scrubber, cleaning is so easy it's like you're just playing!


✔️Interchangeable Brush - Easily Scrub Stain, Mineral deposits, mold and mildew and give your home a brand new look!

✔️Extendable up to 4ft - No more bending! With almost 4ft of increased reach, you can scrub your floor while standing straight. No more back pain after cleaning!

✔️Rechargeable - Equipped with 2600mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery and allows for scrubbing time for 45-60 minutes

✔️300 RPM - With the powerful motorhead, it can easily eliminate hard to remove stains

As the boss at home, your energy is very important.

A regular brush may do the job, but the endless scrubbing and bending leaves you sore, tired, and stressed after cleaning!

That leaves you with no energy to enjoy your free time!

Reward yourself with a tool that can change the way you clean.

Using our spin scrubber, you can:

  • Give your bathroom a brand-new look by scrubbing off the dirt in between the tiles and the mildew on the grout
  • Easily remove water and soap marks on your shower door
  • Extend your reach and easily clean the hard to reach areas thanks to the 44-inch extension rod

A true must-have for tech-savvy parents.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

2 Months Service Warranty

We believe that our spin scrubber will serve you for a long period. If somehow it broke within 60 days (or 2 months) after your date of purchase, we'll fix your item FOR FREE.


Want a sparkling white bathroom?

Use our own Tile and Bowl Cleaner with your Turbo Scrubber! Valued at 300 per bottle! (discounted if bought with scrubber)

Removes water stains, calcium deposits, black dirt on grout and leaves you with a

sparkling white bathroom!


(Disclaimer: Our Tile and Bowl Cleaner must be used in white tiles, sink, and toilet bowls only. Your colored tiles might get discoloration.)

One Tile & Bowl Cleaner

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Our BEST selling package!

Three Tile & Bowl Cleaner

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For bigger bathrooms or extra bottles, just in case.

Using our Turbo Power Scrubber, you can...

Scrub your tiles, ceiling, and hard to reach areas

Give your toilet a brand new look

Remove water stains on shower door

Scrub off stubborn oil and dirt on your stove

Wash off mud from your tires and rims

Is this you?

While anyone can save time and energy, this product fits you perfectly if:

  • You hate cleaning the bathroom because it takes too much effort
  • You're experiencing back, shoulder, arm pain, or arthritis
  • You're pregnant or you have difficulty bending down
  • You have spaces in your bathroom that are hard to reach

What's In The Box?

  • 1x Spinning Scrub Motor
  • 3x Brush Heads (Cone Brush, Flat Brush, Dome Brush)
  • 1x Extension Rod
  • 1x AC Charging Adapter (Plug Type C or Europlug)

Product Videos

Unboxing experience and how to assemble video

Live product demonstration

Customer's Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can we find a replacement battery when it won’t hold a charge?

You can call us anytime if you have a problem about your battery. If somehow, it broke within 60 days (or 2 months) after your date of purchase, we'll fix your item FOR FREE.

How many brushes does it have?

Our scrubber comes with 3 different kind of brushes to use:

  • Multi-purpose (Dome) Brush - For general cleaning, used to scrub sinks and showers.
  • Corner Brush - For cleaning corners, blasting away crud, mold and mildew.
  • Extra Wide Flat Brush - For large surfaces, such as tiled floors, wall and ceilings.

How do you remove the brushes?

To remove the brushes, all you have to do is:

  1. Grasp their blue/turquoise plastic base
  2. Pull it away from the slanted white piece into which they had been snapped into place.

It may be a bit difficult to remove the brush when your unit is brand new, but over time, pulling them off will become much easier.

Do not be afraid of breaking the brush heads. In cases where it got damaged because too much force is applied, we can send you extra brushes.

How long does it extend out?

It extends out approximately 44 inches.

This length is enough for an adult person's height, so they don't have to bend their back when scrubbing the floor

Are the battery and charger included?

Yes, the battery (inside the unit) and a charger are included in the package.

Is it cordless?

Yes, our scrubber has a built-in rechargeable battery to do the work for it.

Does it have an on/off button or do you have to continuously hold down a button to keep it working?

It has an on/off button so you don't have to hold it down to keep spinning.

How will you know if the battery is charging?

There is a red indicator light that lets you know that it is charging. When the indicator turns green, it is in full charge.

To be sure, we advise you to keep charging the item for 8 hours even if the light turned green.

It is equipped with overcharging protection and will not cause damage to the batteries if overcharged.

Where can I buy replacement brushes?

You can avail our Spin Scrubber Replacement Heads if ever you need replacement for your brushes. You can buy it here - https://geministore.ph/collections/all-products/products/spin-scrubber-replacement-heads

Can I use my scrubber while it's being charged?

Generally, any electronics with batteries (e.g. cellphones, etc.) are not designed to be used while being charged.

This will strain the battery and can cause damage to your product.

To avoid damaging your scrubber, please don't use it while being charged.

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